Fees and Specifications

Annual FeesFee
Annual fee first year 1 free
Administration fee second year 3 10,00 €
Issuing FeesFee
Replacement Prepaid Card 3 10,00 €
Secondary product Prepaid Card 3 10,00 €
Usage FeesFee
Purchases at the store (EUR) free
Purchases online (EUR) free
Foreign currency transactions 2,5%
ATM cash withdrawal 2 3,00 €
Loading FeesFee
Top up Prepaid card from mobile Wallet account free
Unload Prepaid Card to mobile Wallet account 3 1,00 €
Extra FeesFee
Temporarily suspend Prepaid card 1,00€
Unlocking fee 3 free
Prepaid card fee when not in use after 6 months 1,00€ per month
Manual investigation fee 3 25,00 €

1 To obtain a free Prepaid MasterCard for the first year you must have an mobile Wallet balance of 10€. Furthermore it needs to be the first cashcloud MasterCard® product you are ordering

2 Please note that third-party fees from banks or ATM operators may apply

3 The fee will be directly debited from your mobile Wallet account. The other fees are debited from your MasterCard® NFC sticker account.

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